AI and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT): Changing India’s Healthcare System for the Better

By April 29, 2020 HealthTech, India

With healthcare as a focus sector in our Next Step India program, we take a closer look into the key technologies transforming India’s healthcare for the better.

In their article, #thinkIndia outlines how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) helps improve the cost, efficiency, and accessibility in India’s current healthcare system:


  • Breast Cancer Screening: AI- based cancer screening software, using machine learning intelligence over thermographic images, detects breast cancer at an earlier stage — compared to even traditional diagnostic methods — and is low-cost, easy to operate, and portable.


  • Portable X-Rays: India is one of the largest countries to house tuberculosis, and as a result many tuberculosis cases go untreated because the vast majority of them are located in underserved rural areas, making detection and treatment inaccessible. Fortunately, a Delhi-NCR hospital, in association with the Government of Haryana, is utilizing mobile vans to perform digital X-rays, processed by AI.


  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT): allows technology to be used in a clinical and non-clinical settings, and India has started to integrate IoMT into their own hospitals and medical equipment.


  • Smart Ambulance: These sensors provide a patient’s vitals in real time to a healthcare cloud ecosystem where physicians are able to analyze vitals and prepare for treatment before the patient reaches the hospital — saving time and saving lives.

Read more in #thinkIndia article link here


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