#NextStepIndia goes virtual!

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We’re excited to kick-off our first #NextStepIndia virtual program last week! Our startups in the HealthTech & EduTech sectors will spend the next month gaining a deep-dive into the Indian startup ecosystem and the business opportunities for their companies. Read on to learn more about our participants and their solutions: 

Welcome to Next Step India!

BioVariance GmbH provides broad bioinformatic services focusing on complex biomedical data analyzes and related software development for the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare sector.

In cooperation with physicians, BioVariance helps cancer patients to get the correct and efficient treatment right away. With precision medicine based on molecular biological data, they find the right cure addressing specific DNA. BioVariance offers long-term monitoring of the molecular characteristics of the patient in order to predict effectiveness, side effects, drug interactions and to individually determine the appropriate medication and dosage.

SEIS GmbH is a German company backed up by Sistemas Expertos e Ingeniería de Software Limitada, a company working more than 10 years for the healthcare sector in Chile. Their tools and interfaces power more than 25% of hospitals and clinics in the public sector in Chile, and they are among the fastest growing companies in the healthcare sector in Latin America.

With Medinet Assistant, their chatbot automates processes of patient interaction, reduces call centre costs and increases confirmation and attendance for medical appointments. They develop software for healthcare management and with their HIS and Clinical ERP tool, aims to provide digitised healthcare solutions at affordable prices in Asia. 

Canostix aims to beat cancer, simply by diagnosing it so early, that it can be already cured today. They achieve this by developing a blood-based early detection test that combines photonics and machine learning. Starting with the five most common cancers, covering 50% of all cancer cases, they create a constantly evolving software solution that upgrades available hardware into top-of-the-line screening machines.

This is done through a one-of-a-kind collaboration with leading Indian research institutes, which enables them to fast-track clinical translation. Canostix’s goal is to introduce an affordable cancer test at the primary care level that will result in less invasive treatments, ultimately saving billions of dollars and millions of lives.

EDUBAO lowers transaction and search costs of mobile students by providing a comprehensive customized overview of global education opportunities using smart data. Their proprietary software finds the best matching education intuitions and study programs based on personal preconditions and preferences to foster an optimal decision-making process for a long-term investment in education.  They serve at the highest international standards and provide superior financial solutions to cater to all needs to study abroad. 

The Excellence Start-up Center(ESC) @ Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster sees itself as a regional engine (state of North Rhine-Westphalia) and central platform for the exchange of knowledge and technology-based companies within the EUREGIO ecosystem. The ESC @ WWU is a university-wide central facility, in which all start-up and start-up activities of the WWU are bundled and supported by trained, experienced staff.

Stay tuned as we announce our upcoming startups from our July’s #NextStepIndia virtual program! If you are a German startup keen to find out more, read about our program details here!

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