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By June 4, 2020 Our Startups

BioVariance GmbH (HealthTech) provides broad bioinformatic services focusing on complex biomedical data analyzes and related software development for the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare sector. In cooperation with physicians, BioVariance helps cancer patients to get the correct and efficient treatment right away.

SEIS GmbH (HealthTech & Enterprise Software) is a German company backed up by Sistemas Expertos e Ingeniería de Software Limitada, a company working more than 10 years for the healthcare sector in Chile. Their tools and interfaces power more than 25% of hospitals and clinics in the public sector in Chile, and they are among the fastest growing companies in the healthcare sector in Latin America.

Canostix (HealthTech) aims to beat cancer, simply by diagnosing it so early, that it can be already cured today. They achieve this by developing a blood-based early detection test that combines photonics and machine learning. Starting with the five most common cancers, covering 50% of all cancer cases, they create a constantly evolving software solution that upgrades available hardware into top-of-the-line screening machines.

EDUBAO (EduTech) lowers transaction and search costs of mobile students by providing a comprehensive customized overview of global education opportunities using smart data. Their proprietary software finds the best matching education intuitions and study programs based on personal preconditions and preferences to foster an optimal decision-making process for a long-term investment in education.

Dopavision (HealthTech) is developing a digital therapy for myopia which can be seamlessly and invisibly integrated with the use of a smartphone. Myopia is a visual condition that affects on average every third person globally, a share that has increased rapidly during the last two decades. The goal of the Berlin-based startup is to develop a clinically validated therapy for myopia progression in children and adolescents.

Least Authority (CyberSecurity) builds and supports the development of secure and usable technology solutions. They offer security consulting services for tech products and distributed systems, especially focused on applied cryptography and data security.

Eye2you (HealthTech) fights preventable blindness with artificial intelligence and smartphones. With their solution, general practitioners, nurses, or caretakers can provide eye examinations to their patients on an expert ophthalmologist level. The AI guides the examination and provides an understandable analysis, so the medical personnel can decide if an expert consultation and treatment is necessary. This way eye2you improves eye care coverage and helps detecting diseases early.

Wandelbots (Robotics, AI) democratizes robot programming. We enable everyone to program and run an industrial robot using wearables and smart teaching devices. Robotics will become faster to start with, more flexible to operate while being much more cost-efficient. 

FairFleet  (Platform Tech) is a full-service partner for professional drone services, providing optimal supervision for both customers and pilots – from insurance or licensing of professional drone pilots to post-production of aerial photography.

Clous (Smart Engineering) is an engineering platform where engineering tasks can be distributed from machine and plant manufacturers to engineering service providers worldwide. By using the clous.engine, design tasks can be automatically divided into many smaller tasks that can be solved independently.  This allows companies to be significantly faster and at the same time protect their intellectual property at any time

MassUp  (InsurTech) is a new kind of digital MGA which enables retailers, service providers, distributors and brokers to sell all kinds of affinity insurance online and at the point of sale. We offer our own innovative products and cover the risk, product design and services.

MXC  (Smart City) is building a global data network that allows the devices of tomorrow to connect, commit and communicate more efficiently than ever before. Smart Cities, companies and individuals benefit by building the network, or using it to transmit and manage their data.

Cellumation (Smart Factory and Manufacturing) has developed a universal material flow technology, called celluveyor, making it possible to design machine layouts which can be programed, configured and reconfigured for flexible movement of goods in factories and warehouses.

Fractal (Blockchain) offers one login for global compliance. One connection to Fractal unlocks a universe of KYC/AML technology solutions and vendors worldwide.

FRAMENCE’s (PropTech) technology digitalizes buildings and technical infrastructure using simple panoramic images that are mathematically enhanced with 3D-properties for creating photorealistic digital twins and 3D models of the built environment.

Farmers Cut (renamed to &Ever) has designed a farm-to-fork process consisting of a proprietary indoor cultivation method and a smart retail solution for last mile delivery of fresh produce. The company combines best in class agricultural and crop science with the use of automation, machine learning, IoT, big data and climate control technologies.

4seee (Shipping) is a predictive analytics startup focused on digitizing the bunkers trade and a delivering a forecasting service that offers unique procurement strategies for marine fuels.

Stay tuned as we announce new startups ranging from Logistics & Mobility, HealthTech to Smart Manufacturing sectors participating in our upcoming India and Japan programs!