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Meet the Startups from our Nov 2020 Program

autoRetouch is the first AI-powered end-to-end, automated image processing platform. It offers a cloud-based, API first service for automated, bulk-retouching of hundreds Fashion product images at once, all the while retaining full creative control with the user. autoRetouch helps speed up the post-production by up to 90% with automated workflows.

Conntac‘s range of innovative self-service solutions for telecommunication companies help thousands of customers every day: be it first-time setup, contacting customer support easily or even fixing the internet connection automatically – 24/7, intuitive and fast. It takes the pressure off the service hotline.

Dabbel is an AI-Autonomous Building Management System with the ability to self-manage building control systems more efficiently than any human. Dabbel reduces energy and operational costs, and simultaneously increase the wellness and productivity of tenants by ensuring a healthy environment.

EcoG is the IoT Operating System and Platform for EV Charging Infrastructure. It creates the future of transportation that is economically and environmentally sustainable. With EcoG, the production costs for hardware are reduced by more than 30%,  and charging becomes more convenient and profitable by integrating charging into everyday businesses. 

FUELSAVE is a disruptive energy efficiency enhancement & cleantech company. FUELSAVE helps customers in industrial plants, ships & vehicles and different applications to become more profitable while saving the environment, following their credo to Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Planet.

jovoto is a leading innovation platform that carries a superior ability to solve complex challenges of organizations with tangible results by combining diverse talent skillsets and crowd collaboration. jovoto’s innovation platform acts as a virtual studio where curated teams – assembled from our global network – solve product design, service innovation, and marketing challenges

Watergenics’s vision is to make water quality economically visible, anytime – anywhere. It is a water-data company enabling water-security for future generations. Watergenics wants to make water quality measurement technology and water quality data analysis largely available to the industries reliant on such data, and to contribute to the development of these industries into a healthier natural environment. 

Past Participants

Medical Cooling’s ventilators double the chances of survival post-resuscitation, through cold air ventilation. It has added telemedicine features to improve patient management and paramedic and patient experience. To optimize the workflow and usability we integrated the suction pump and the ECG with the Defribilator into the device.

ODE – objectified decision engine – the Social Impact Start-up wants to accompany people on their way to make better informed, transparent, and stress-free decisions. “Learning processes” are used to eliminate stressors, thus strengthening mental health. ODE offers space for the whole spectrum of decisions in private and professional life. This learned process also forms the basis for active participation in society (e.g., community participation).

ottobahn is engineering an innovative autonomous transportation solution, combining proven railway technology with individualized gondolas. ottobahn believes in a green city without traffic jams, rush hours on the roads, delayed and overcrowded trains, generating the largest part of CO2 emission. But instead, arrivals are always on time, comfortable transportation, saving your time, saving our nature, and saving other’s lives.

RAMPmedical was founded 5 years ago and provides software for doctors that helps them make the right therapy decision. Based on the evidence, the software assembles a unique mix of AI technologies to achieve 100% accuracy. According to the WHO, 1 in 10 patients receive the wrong treatment, so by using RAMPmedical software treatment, mistakes can be lowered to 0.

RYTLE offers Logistics Infrastructure/Intelligence as a Service (IaaS) for Smart Cities, for quality-assured cargo fulfillment up to the LAST METRE.  RYTLE’s solution comprises IoT-enabled, green and modular storage, and e-mobility hardware, integrated via a software platform which enables optimization of operations, assets, and costs, while reducing air pollution and congestion in dense urban areas – i.e. it benefits customers, companies as well as cities.

SonoBeacon enables precise interaction with customers via ultrasound. Location-based services and interactive customer experience are made easy providing accurate reach – always & everywhere – on the customer’s personal smartphone. The only solution that always precisely reaches the customer at close range. 

Swobbee GreenPack Mobile Energy Solutions is a team of 30 engineers, developers, and eMobility enthusiasts. Based in Berlin, Swobbee works towards being one of the most important drivers of modern and sustainable mobility. eMobility requires the constant availability of fully charged batteries. How can users of light Electric vehicles save precious charging time? How can sharing and logistic fleets steadily be Ready to go? The solution – Battery-as-a-Service with Swobbee.

Wingcopter creates technologies to save and improve lives and their vision is to create a better tomorrow for everyone by building the future of aviation. Wingcopter’s transport drones, developed for humanitarian and civil applications, have been used in projects delivering medicines, vaccines, blood, and lab samples over long distances to areas that are hard to reach.

BioVariance GmbH provides broad bioinformatic services focusing on complex biomedical data analyzes and related software development for the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare sector. BioVariance offers long-term monitoring of the molecular characteristics of cancer patients in order to predict effectiveness, side effects, drug interactions and to individually determine the appropriate medication and dosage.

Canostix aims to beat cancer, simply by diagnosing it so early, that it can be already cured today. Canostix achieves this by developing a blood-based early detection test that combines photonics and machine learning. Starting with the five most common cancers, covering 50% of all cancer cases, Canostix creates a constantly evolving software solution that upgrades available hardware into top-of-the-line screening machines.

EDUBAO lowers transaction and search costs of mobile students by providing a comprehensive customized overview of global education opportunities using smart data. Their proprietary software finds the best matching education intuitions and study programs based on personal preconditions and preferences to foster an optimal decision-making process for a long-term investment in education.

SEIS GmbH‘s chatbot, Medinet Assistant, automates processes of patient interaction, reduces call centre costs and increases confirmation and attendance for medical appointments. They develop software for healthcare management and with their HIS and Clinical ERP tool, aims to provide digitised healthcare solutions at affordable prices in Asia.

The Excellence Start-up Center(ESC) @ Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster sees itself as a regional engine (state of North Rhine-Westphalia) and central platform for the exchange of knowledge and technology-based companies within the EUREGIO ecosystem. The ESC @ WWU is a university-wide central facility, in which all start-up and start-up activities of the WWU are bundled and supported by trained, experienced staff.

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