Startups from our South Korea program

By June 6, 2020 Our Startups

Meet our past participants 

Dopavision (HealthTech) is developing a digital therapy for myopia which can be seamlessly and invisibly integrated with the use of a smartphone. Myopia is a visual condition that affects on average every third person globally, a share that has increased rapidly during the last two decades. The goal of the Berlin-based startup is to develop a clinically validated therapy for myopia progression in children and adolescents.

Eye2you (HealthTech) fights preventable blindness with artificial intelligence and smartphones. With their solution, general practitioners, nurses, or caretakers can provide eye examinations to their patients on an expert ophthalmologist level. The AI guides the examination and provides an understandable analysis, so the medical personnel can decide if an expert consultation and treatment is necessary. This way eye2you improves eye care coverage and helps detecting diseases early.

Least Authority (CyberSecurity) builds and supports the development of secure and usable technology solutions. They offer security consulting services for tech products and distributed systems, especially focused on applied cryptography and data security.

Stay tuned as we announce our upcoming startups from our next South Korea program in September! If you are a German startup keen to find out more, read about our program details here!

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