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Meet the participants of our May 2021 program


CeiROx Life Sciences c.k.a BioTissue (Healthcare, Medical Devices) is a regenerative medicine pioneer, having developed a 40+ patent portfolio. They have a cutting-edge technology platform that provides unique life-enhancement solutions using minimally invasive surgical procedures with a significant impact on quality of life. CeiROx achieves this by leveraging natural human endowments by regeneration instead of replacement. 

Interested parties: Orthopaedic surgeons, Regenerative Cell Therapy clinicians, R&D departments, and regulatory (PMDA) experts

Medical Magnesium (Healthcare, Medical Devices) revolutionizes modern patient care by developing and marketing bioabsorbable orthopedic implants made of magnesium. They have developed a new class of implants that eliminate the need for a removal surgery, as they’re absorbed in a controlled manner after healing the bone fracture.

Interested parties: Regulatory experts, orthopaedic Surgeons, and medical technology/devices distributors in implant screws and materials

Reactive Robotics (Healthcare, Medical Devices) developed the VEMO® system, the first robotic assistance system worldwide for Very Early Mobilization (VEM) of patients on Intensive Care Units (ICU). It consists of a robotic device on a trolley as well as several adapted intensive care beds that assist medical staff, enable faster patient recovery, and improve economic efficiency in the healthcare system. While the machine does the work, the therapist can focus on the humane aspect of the therapy.

Interested parties: Nurses and clinicians of ICU departments in hospitals, ICU beds distributors, and nursing homes

Lipotype GmbH (Healthcare, Platform Tech – BioTech) is the leading lipidomics service provider worldwide and the only shotgun-lipidomics provider which is GMP certified. The Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics identifies and quantifies thousands of lipids instantly. The mass spectrometry-based technology is designed to adapt to a wide variety of sample types to reflect research diversity.

Interested parties: Pharmaceutical companies and R&D labs on lipidomics and local partners/representative for product distribution

Micro-biolytics (MBIO) (Healthcare, Data Analytics) revolutionizes classical chemical analysis by creating digital fingerprints of liquids within minutes. MBIO’s solutions realize previously unimaginable strategic and monetary opportunities for chemical, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies in all areas of their business as they embrace Industry 4.0 move towards a data-led future.

Interested parties: Pharmaceutical companies and Quality Control departments of (liquid) chemical companies

Peragraft (Healthcare, Medical Devices) develops and produces patient individualized textile implants for cardiovascular applications. They combine product and process-based innovation into novel tailored implants. Their first product is a personalized stent graft to treat complex aortic aneurysms (cAAAs). Peragraft’s goal is to deliver best-in-class treatment through tailored implant solutions – placing the patient first and creating benefits for surgeons, hospitals, and health insurances. 

Interested parties: Regulatory (PMDA) experts, cardiologists, heart and vascular surgeons, and hospitals for clinical trials

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Past participants 

3YOURMIND’s (Smart Manufacturing, Software) enterprise software optimizes end-to-end Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes for leading companies and 3D print services. Software is the key tool for efficient scheduling and tracking AM processes – from the initial order right through to the finished part. 3YOURMIND’s automated software suite enables companies to make data-driven production decisions and is on track to become the foundation for genuine Agile Manufacturing.

3YOURMIND’s current customers include the German Railways, Continental, Volkswagen, Ford, and the US Navy. 

Potential corporate partners: Smart manufacturers and additive manufacturers

CheckMobile (Mobile, Software as a Service) helps companies to digitise processes and workflow, manage assets and inventory and detect damages using high tech mobile solutions. The solution is fast to implement, easy to use and flexible and transparent. It integrates state of the art mobile solutions which drive your business faster, smarter and optimized. CheckMobile invest heavily in research and development to stay on the top of technology to ensure clients solutions are always up to date and requirements.

CheckMobile’s current customers include United Rentals, Zeppelin (Caterpillar), Europcar, Hertz, Six, Avis, and Prangl.

Potential corporate partners: Heavy equipment manufacturers and rental companies

HD Vision Systems (AI / ML, Smart Manufacturing) processes images in a new dimension to give robots human-like eye sight. In combination with AI, HD Vision Systems’ uses state-of-the-art lightfield imaging to accurately detect defects in production and enable robots to differentiate objects for bin-picking. Using this approach, customers are able to handle complex parts in defect detection and bin-pink with high accuracy. Their software is easy to implement and have received good traction with leading customers such as Zeiss, BASF, Daimler, Benteler, SW Technology People, SEW Eurodrive and Wacker.

HD Vision Systems’ current customers include ABB, BASF, BMW, Festo, Hirschvogel Automotive Group, SEW Eurodrive, and Linde.

Potential corporate partners: Smart factories and manufacturing companies

mibeTec (MedTech) is a medical device company that is focused on the development, production and sales of thermotherapeutic devices to treat one of the most annoying epidemics, a consequential cardinal symptom of many diseases and that is acute and chronic itching affecting quality of life of a major number of people all around the world.

mibeTec’s current customers include pharmacies and drugstores across Europe and the USA.

Potential corporate partners: Distributors of mass-market medical devices/electronic consumer products

Retarus (Software, Communication) manages communication for companies worldwide, with its solutions and services, intelligent infrastructure, and patented technology. Retarus’ state-of-the-art technologies, highly available data centers, and innovative cloud messaging platform offer maximum security, performance, and business continuity and ensure that information is transferred securely and reliably to the right place, at the right time, in the right format.

Retarus’s current customers include Adidas, Bayer, BNP Paribas, Bosch, Continental, DHL, DZ BANK, Fujitsu, Galbani, Goldman Sachs, Honda, Linde, PSA, Puma, Sixt, T Systems, Singapore Airlines, and Zeiss.

Potential corporate partners: Automotive, manufacturing, and finance companies

VRdirect’s (Virtual Reality) platform enables enterprises, agencies and content creators to create, manage and distribute Virtual Reality (VR) projects and requires no expert skills. VRdirect has established itself as the most advanced enterprise VR platform on the European market and has won renowned DAX30 companies as customers (e.g. Siemens, Volkswagen, Lufthansa).

VRdirect’s current customers include Siemens, Porsche, Nestle, ABB, Deutsche Telekom, and Home Depot.

Potential corporate partners: Any company that is keen to use VR to improve efficiency on training of staff and product demonstration.

aspUraclip (Medical Devices) is the world’s first and only mini-inhalators, a user-friendly way to inhale essential oils. The mini-inhalators can be used everywhere – home or underway. They ensure a continuous emission of essential oils over a long period of time. aspUraclip is patented, designed and made in Germany that made its breakthrough on the German market thanks to the show “Die Höhle der Löwen”, the German version of Shark Tank.

HRForecast (HR Software) answers today’s and tomorrow’s questions of Human Resources managers by utilizing the power of data. Its mission is to help companies bridge business strategy and workforce requirements to build long-lasting and trustful relationships. HRForecast’s vision is to provide Smart work for a better world – create organizations, where people can develop themselves. 

iVE.ONE (FinTech, Blockchain) by Agora Innovation is a global service provider for creating compliant digital securities and offers a marketplace for alternative assets investors looking to diversify their portfolio. Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, founders Phong Dao, Evgeny Matershev, and Robert Malec developed the blockchain-based platform iVE.ONE, to enable companies to raise capital for projects in various fields in a secure and cost-effective environment. The core vision of Agora Innovation is to build an eco-system that provides better digital assets for everyone.
LexaTexer (Predictive Analytics) offers predictive analytics automation, to support corporations’ direct decision making, by integrating and analyzing unstructured-, structured- and alternative data with machine learning technology. The LexaTexer platform reduces the complexity of building, deploying and integrating AI solutions in smart manufacturing, finance, and retail. Build, integrate, and operate AI-driven solutions in days, not months.

RYTLE (Mobility) offers Logistics Infrastructure/Intelligence as a Service (IaaS) for Smart Cities, for quality-assured cargo fulfillment up to the LAST METRE. RYTLE’s solution comprises IoT-enabled, green and modular storage, and e-mobility hardware, integrated via a software platform that enables optimization of operations, assets and costs while reducing air pollution and congestion in dense urban areas, benefitting customers, companies as well as cities.

TinkerBots (Robotics) is a toy building set with easy-to-add robotics that makes it possible for young children (and adults, too) to create an endless number of toy robots simply by snapping together TinkerBots’ patented “Power Brain,” kinetic modules and passive pieces, and even LEGO bricks. No wiring or programming required and is the perfect hands-on introduction to the world of robotics.

Wingcopter (Logistics) creates technologies to save and improve lives and their vision is to create a better tomorrow for everyone by building the future of aviation. Wingcopter’s transport drones, developed for humanitarian and civil applications, have been used in projects delivering medicines, vaccines, blood, and lab samples over long distances to areas that are hard to reach. 

Clous (Smart Engineering) is an engineering platform where engineering tasks can be distributed from machine and plant manufacturers to engineering service providers worldwide. By using the clous.engine, design tasks can be automatically divided into many smaller tasks that can be solved independently.  This allows companies to be significantly faster and at the same time protect their intellectual property at any time

FairFleet  (Platform Tech) is a full-service partner for professional drone services, providing optimal supervision for both customers and pilots – from insurance or licensing of professional drone pilots to post-production of aerial photography.

MassUp  (InsurTech) is a new kind of digital MGA which enables retailers, service providers, distributors and brokers to sell all kinds of affinity insurance online and at the point of sale. MassUp offer our innovative products that cover the risk, product design and services.

MXC  (Smart City) is building a global data network that allows the devices of tomorrow to connect, commit and communicate more efficiently than ever before. Smart Cities, companies and individuals benefit by building the network, or using it to transmit and manage their data.

Wandelbots (Robotics, AI) democratizes robot programming. We enable everyone to program and run an industrial robot using wearables and smart teaching devices. Robotics will become faster to start with, more flexible to operate while being much more cost-efficient.

XVA Blockchain (RiskTech) offers data enrichment, delegated regulatory reporting and risk analytics for efficient OTC derivatives management to banks, asset managers and custodians. Its solution uses smart contracts to optimize capital requirements and value adjustment parameters in OTC trading.

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